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Continnum Care Facility

Sukino healthcare provides best-in-class Continnum Care Facility in Bangalore & Kochi by highly qualified doctors, nurses & physiotherapists rehabilitation center.

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Neuro Rehabilitation

Preserve your cherished memories with Sukino's neuro rehabilitation centre in Bangalore & Kochi offering care & rehabilitation for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Stroke...

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Stroke Rehabilitation

Sukino's stroke rehabilitation center in Bangalore & kochi provides comfortable yet scientific environment. We are committed to assisting them in leading as normal...

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Knee Replacement

Orthopedic patients undergo a lot of pain due to knee pain. That is why Sukino has come up with world-class treatment with Knee replacement rehabilitation facilities in Bangalore & Kochi.

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Cancer Rehabilitation Center

Sukino's Cancer rehab in Bangalore & Kochi services are aimed at managing patients at our cancer rehabilitation center in the best possible manner.

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Palliative Care Rehab

Sukino provides high quality and compassionate Palliative Care Rehabilitation and end of life care for patients at our hospice and palliative care center in Bangalore & Kochi.

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Hip Replacement

Sukino provides the best result-oriented rehabilitation care plans, post hip replacement surgery & other services at our Hip Replacement Rehabilitation in Bangalore & Kochi.

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Home Healthcare

The best home healthcare services provider of nurses & caretakers for finest medical care of patients with chronic ailments or in post-operative phase.

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End of Life Care Rehab

Sukino providess end of life care in Bangalore & Kochi for terminally ill patients. We aim to bring maximum comfort to patients & facilitate painless palliative treatment.

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Physio Rehab Care

Sukino's physio rehabilitation centers in Bangalore & Kochi has state-of-the art facilities focused on high quality patient treatment. Call us for any Physio Rehabilitation...

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Orthopaedic Rehab

Sukino combine the latest treatment options to help patients with fracture management, joint replacement & other needs. Contact us for the best Orthopaedic...

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Cardiac rehabilitation

Sukino's customized Cardiac rehabilitation in Bangalore & Kochi focuses on increasing exercise tolerance and reducing the psychological/physiological stress of cardiac diseases.

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Physiotherapy Rehab

Our fully equipped physiotherapy rehabilitation centre at Bangalore and Kochi offers rehabilitative services for chronically ill patients or in post operative phase.

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Oncology Rehab

Sukino has the best multi-disciplinary team to treat the patients with lung cancer, breast cancer & more. Contact us for the best oncology rehabilitation in Bangalore...

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Respiratory Rehab

Sukino's respiratory rehabilitation in Bangalore & Kochi is committed to helping individuals and families improve lung function and reduce their risk of life...

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Nephrology Rehab

Sukino nephrology rehabilitation centre in Bangalore & Kochi helps to optimize the physical, psychosocial lives of patients. We treat patients suffering...

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Post Covid Rehab

Sukino can help you manage post-covid complications. Our post-covid rehabilitation therapists help you reduce breathlessness, oxygen dependency & anxiety levels...

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