Orthopaedic Rehabilitation


We combine the latest treatment options to help patients with fracture management, joint replacement (knee and hip), Osteo & Rheumatoid arthritis, and other soft tissue injuries to recover faster.


  • Pain management using various electrotherapy modalities for muscle and nerve pain.
  • Interferential Therapy, Russian current therapy, Ultrasound to reduce inflammation of soft tissue injuries.
  • Physiotherapy for fracture management during the period of immobilisation & mobilisation.
  • CPM for joint mobility and to increase the ROM.
  • Post-operative management for all joint surgeries.
  • Techniques to reduce pain, improve posture and circulation, increase joint mobility, and minimize

Physical therapy: Physical therapy, to enable better body movement. It includes strength training, ROM, Muscle power, stretching exercises, heat and cold therapy, and a home exercise plan. These techniques facilitate movement without pain or with reduced pain.

Occupational therapy: Occupational therapy to improve the functional ability in daily activities, or occupations. It teaches new ways to approach activities and how to break down tasks into manageable sections. Use of adaptive equipment that includes splints, canes, reachers, and orthotics.


Dietary Intervention: Our experienced dietitians assess the patients’ nutritional status & refer medical reports and formulate a specialized diat for cardiac patients.

Counseling: We offer psychosocial education that keeps patients motivated, reduces their anxiety levels, and helps them cope with their situation.

Supportive therapies: We assess the patients’ symptoms and include yoga or music sessions to address their physical, emotional, & spiritual needs decreasing stress & improve self-esteem