Oncology Rehabilitation

Oncology Rehabilitation

At Sukino, we have the best multi-disciplinary team necessary to treat pain, fatigue and reduce side effects of treatment in patients with lung cancer, breast cancer, GI tract cancers, prostate cancer, lymphoma and melanoma. We aim to help them regain optimal functionality at the earliest.


  • Physiotherapy exercises help restore pro-inflammatory/anti-inflammatory homeostasis and rehabilitation to mitigate some of the treatment-related adverse effects and comorbidities.
  • Pain management with the help of modalities, soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic stretching, and strengthening.
  • Alleviation of stiffness in joints and muscles by increasing mobility.
  • Non-invasive assisted ventilation.
  • Lymphedema management by exercises and special bandaging techniques.
  • Help patients maintain their quality of life.


Dietary Intervention: Our experienced dietitians assess the patients’ nutritional status & refer medical reports and formulate a specialized diat for cardiac patients.

Counseling: We offer psychosocial education that keeps patients motivated, reduces their anxiety levels, and helps them cope with their situation.

Supportive therapies: We assess the patients’ symptoms and include yoga or music sessions to address their physical, emotional, & spiritual needs decreasing stress & improve self-esteem.

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