Respiratory Rehabilitation

Respiratory Rehabilitation

Restrictive lung diseases, post covid, ARDS, pulmonary hypertension to rebuild their lung strength. Our respiratory therapy improves lung functionality, supports oxygen weaning, and helps patients increase their stamina and decrease breathlessness.

Treatment portfolio : Therapies

  • Chest clearance with Acapella and Flutter devices
  • Diaphragmatic breathing exercises, thoracic expansion, and thoracic mobilisation training Incentive spirometry
  • Respiratory muscle training with Thera-bands
  • Resistance training for the diaphragm, Power breathe device for breathing against adjustable levels of resistance

How it works?

Dietary Intervention: Our experienced dietitians assess the patients’ nutritional status & refer medical reports and formulate a specialized diat for cardiac patients.

Counseling: We offer psychosocial education that keeps patients motivated, reduces their anxiety levels, and helps them cope with their situation.

Supportive therapies: We assess the patients’ symptoms and include yoga or music sessions to address their physical, emotional, & spiritual needs decreasing stress & improve self-esteem

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