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    Continuum Care Services

    Continuum care or transitional care is a type of health care that focuses on maintaining continuity of treatment and services throughout a person’s life. This approach is meant to ensure that all the necessary care is given in a coordinated, timely, and integrated way. The main goal of continuum care is to provide a seamless transition between various levels of care… Learn more

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    Managed Homecare Service

    Homecare services are comprehensive healthcare services delivered to people in their homes. Our services may include nursing care, physical therapy, carer services, ICU at home, equipment rental, and other things that help people get better and stay healthy. Most homecare services are geared toward assisting people in their homes instead of going to a hospital… Learn more

    Our Services

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    Continnum Care Facility

    Sukino healthcare provides best-in-class Continnum Care Facility in Bangalore & Kochi by highly qualified doctors, nurses & physiotherapists rehabilitation center.

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    Neuro Rehabilitation

    Preserve your cherished memories with Sukino's neuro rehabilitation centre in Bangalore & Kochi offering care & rehabilitation for Alzheimer’s, Dementia...

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    Stroke Rehabilitation Center
    Stroke Rehabilitation

    Sukino's stroke rehabilitation center in Bangalore & kochi provides comfortable yet scientific environment. We are committed to assisting them in leading as normal...

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    Hydrotherapy rehabilitation
    Hydrotherapy Rehab

    Welcome to Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation in Bangalore, where the healing power of water meets cutting-edge rehabilitation techniques. Located in the heart of Bangalore...

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    Knee Replacement rehabilitation
    Knee Replacement

    Orthopedic patients undergo a lot of pain due to knee pain. That is why Sukino has come up with world-class treatment with Knee replacement rehabilitation facilities...

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    Cancer Care
    Cancer Rehabilitation Center

    Sukino's Cancer rehab in Bangalore & Kochi services are aimed at managing patients at our cancer rehabilitation center in the best possible manner.

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    End of Life Care
    Palliative Care Rehab

    Sukino provides high quality and compassionate Palliative Care Rehabilitation and end of life care for patients at our hospice and palliative care center in Bangalore...

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    Hip Replacement Rehabilitation
    Hip Replacement

    Sukino provides the best result-oriented rehabilitation care plans, post hip replacement surgery & other services at our Hip Replacement Rehabilitation...

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    Home Healthcare

    The best home healthcare services provider of nurses & caretakers for finest medical care of patients with chronic ailments or in post-operative phase.

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    End of Life Care Rehab

    Sukino providess end of life care in Bangalore & Kochi for terminally ill patients. We aim to bring maximum comfort to patients & facilitate painless palliative treatment.

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    Physio Rehab Care

    Sukino's physio rehabilitation centers in Bangalore & Kochi has state-of-the art facilities focused on high quality patient treatment. Call us for any Physio...

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    Ortho care
    Orthopaedic Rehab

    Sukino combine the latest treatment options to help patients with fracture management, joint replacement & other needs. Contact us for the best Orthopaedic...

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    Cardiac rehabilitation
    Cardiac rehabilitation

    Sukino's customized Cardiac rehabilitation in Bangalore & Kochi focuses on increasing exercise tolerance and reducing the psychological/physiological stress of cardiac diseases.

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    Physiotherapy Rehab

    Our fully equipped physiotherapy rehabilitation centre at Bangalore and Kochi offers rehabilitative services for chronically ill patients or in post operative phase.

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    Oncology Rehabilitation
    Oncology Rehab

    Sukino has the best multi-disciplinary team to treat the patients with lung cancer, breast cancer & more. Contact us for the best oncology rehabilitation in Bangalore...

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    respiratory rehabilitation
    Respiratory Rehab

    Sukino's respiratory rehabilitation in Bangalore & Kochi is committed to helping individuals and families improve lung function and reduce their risk of life...

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    nephrology rehab
    Nephrology Rehab

    Sukino nephrology rehabilitation centre in Bangalore & Kochi helps to optimize the physical, psychosocial lives of patients. We treat patients suffering...

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    What our clients Say

    Akash Raj
    Akash Raj
    16 January 2023
    I recently had the pleasure of visiting Sukino for stroke rehabilitation services for my uncle. I must say that the entire experience was truly outstanding. From the moment we walked into the facility, we were greeted with warm and friendly staff who immediately made us feel at ease. The rehabilitation team at Sukino is top-notch. They were highly skilled and knowledgeable, and they worked closely with my uncle to develop a personalized treatment plan that was tailored to his specific needs. They were patient and compassionate, and they always took the time to answer any questions we had. The therapy sessions were intense but very effective. My uncle was able to make significant progress in a relatively short amount of time. The therapists used a combination of exercises and techniques to help him regain strength and mobility, and they were always willing to adjust the program as needed. The facilities at Sukino were also exceptional. They were clean, modern and well-equipped. My uncle had access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology, which helped him to make faster progress. Additionally, the setting was beautiful and peaceful, which helped to create a calming and relaxing environment for my uncle during his therapy sessions. Overall, I couldn't be happier with the stroke rehabilitation services at Sukino. The staff, therapy, and facilities were all exceptional, and my uncle made significant progress during his stay. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in need of stroke rehabilitation.
    K Sundaran Panicker
    K Sundaran Panicker
    25 December 2022
    SUKINO "THE STROKE SAVIOUR " We experienced the MAGIC,The MAGIC OF SINCERE HARDWORK "from Staffs And Doctors namely Dr.HARISH N JAYAVEL..and the Physiotherapist Dr. NITHIN.....their continuous self less efforts, made my Husband Who was just a body which had only life and rarely visiting consciousness. ...into a person who is walking talking..eating almost back to normal ,they made him free of all the tubes....A truthful DEDICATION WHICH WE RARELY SEE NOW A DAYS....WE EXPERIENCED IT.....THANKS A LOT TO THE INSTITUTION FOR KEEPING UP THE GOOD NESS IN THIS FIELD....THREE CHEERS 👏👏👏 TO SUKINO.... THIS I AM SHARING FOR THOSE WHO ARE IN NEED MEANS "" FOR AFTER STROKE REHABILITATION THE ONE AND ONLY ONE NAME SUKINO...KORAMANGALA WAS THE BRANCH HAD THIS EXPERIENCE. ...BE BLESSED SUKINO AND THE Drs & THE STAFFS...THANK YOU SO MUCH....🙏🙏🙏
    Murali Narasimhan
    Murali Narasimhan
    14 December 2022
    Excellent rehab facility with all round ‘soup to nuts’ care! My mother and I spent over 4 months from July through November ‘22. Resident Doctors Dr. Harish and Dr. Akhil make the rounds twice a day and took very good care of me and my mother. Nothing ever escapes their vigilant supervision! The nursing team is a very tight knit group and provide the patients good round the clock care. Head Nurse Nimisha and Nurse Khadii took very good care of me and my mother. Housekeeping staff, especially Johora, does a good job keeping the rooms clean and removes the trash promptly. The head, Ms. Candida would constantly check on our requirements. The dietitian Nivedita did a good job of adjusting the food to my taste and requirements and Girish in the kitchen and his staff provided nutritious and timely food for our recovery. Security guard Susairaj provided good logistics support for any packages delivered to me and screened visitors adequately well. The highlight of our stay were our caretakers Mithun (for me) and Aruna (for my mother). They showed a high level of dedication and 24x7 support to make sure we were comfortable and our needs were met. Mithun’s attitude is very friendly and humble towards all the staff and he would figure out my needs and I would never have to ask twice for anything. The physiotherapy team is excellent as a group and Shone, my specific therapist, did an outstanding job nursing my hip fracture and nerve palsy and making me walk in the end. Anshu, my mother’s therapist, was also very kind and caring and helped my mother recover very well to independent walking at the end of her stay after her multiple fractures had healed well. All in all, we were very satisfied and would highly recommend Sukino as a rehabilitation clinic. Many visitors who came to see us exclaimed that the place felt more like home rather than a hospital and that’s exactly how we felt. The staff is very friendly and warm with the patients and made our stay very pleasant! Kudos to the Manager, Josmi George, for running a smooth ship through all the complexities! Finally, when the day came, we were sad to leave Sukino!
    PUNDARIKA K R Keramalu
    PUNDARIKA K R Keramalu
    25 November 2022
    From Selvi pumdarika. MA 802. GOLDEN GRAND APARTMENTS , Tumkur Road, Yeswanthpur, Bangalore 22. I had undergone spinal surgery and been advised complete bed rest and vigorous physiotherapy for atleast three months. It was sheer providence and my luck that I came across a health care centre called Sukhino located in koramangala. Post surgery I was completely bed ridden for about two months. It is unthinkable and beyond imagination to spend such a helpless and miserable time at home. It is Sukhino which made all the difference. Here in Sukhino I was well guided by the team of Doctors headed by Dr Harish. Their advice and medical guidance at every step and turn was so helpful and timely that very soon I realised that I was in the best and safest hands. The centre head Sri Joshmi George is managing the centre so well that every need of the patient is well taken care of very promptly much to the relief and satisfaction of the patients. The entire nursing staff is to be thanked for their meritorious and efficient service. Some names are worth mentioning here though every one of them is wonderfully good. Sisters Nimisha, YAMINI, well spoken Geetha, Ranjini, Kedi, Kavita, pushpa Brother Jishnu. Physio therapists Nitin Sir, and Jerrin are really marvellous. MY personal physiotherapist JERRIN is really great to say the least. I saw divine angels in little Gems called Puja, nishu raj and sireena. Oh! The service rendered by them made my stay at Sukhino really comfortable and painless. They are an asset to any organisation they work for. The sum and substance is Sukhino is what it says and means of course at a cost. Selvi pumdarika.

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