Hip Replacement Rehabilitation in Bangalore & Kochi

Sukino provides the best result-oriented rehabilitation and care plan post hip replacement rehabilitation surgery at our total hip replacement rehabilitation and care centre in Bangalore and Kochi.

What is Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip replacement surgery also known as Hip Arthoplasty the surgeon removes the damaged bone or the cartilage sections of the hip joint and is replaced with parts usually constructed of either metal, ceramic or sometimes a special kind of plastic. This artificial joint (prosthesis) helps reduce pain and improve functions. Usually the surgical procedure is an 1.5 hour to 3 hour procedure depending on the conditions and other complications faced by the patients.

Why is Hip Replacement Surgery Done?

Hip arthroplasty might be an option if the pain in the hip interferes with the activities of daily living and if nonsurgical treatments haven’t helped or are no longer effective. Some of the conditions or causes of hip plain include:

Osteoarthritis: Age-related wear and tear type of arthritis. It usually occurs in people with a family history of arthritis. The cartilage cushioning the bones of the hip wears away.

Rheumatoid arthritis: This is an autoimmune disease in which the synovial membrane becomes inflamed and thickened. This is the most common type of a group of disorders termed inflammatory arthritis.

Post-traumatic arthritis: Mostly occurs after a serious fall or injury.

Osteonecrosis: An injury to the hip, such as a dislocation or fracture, may limit the blood supply to the femoral head. With lack of blood supply the result the bone might collapse and deform.

Consider Hip replacement surgery if:

  • The pain persists, despite pain medication
  • Worsens with walking, even with support
  • Affects the ability to walk up or down stairs
  • Makes it difficult to rise from a seated position

How Does one Prepare for Recovery Post Hip Replacement Surgery?

Patients are taken to the recovery room for couple of hours post surgery. The duration of stay post surgery depends on individual medical condition. An element of risk with respect to blood cot formation near the hip area cannot be ruled out and hence patients are encouraged to sit and walk sooner. One should be able to resume normal physical activity within 2-5 weeks post surgery. The post surgery care and rehabilitation involves gradual walking program to increase mobility, sitting, standing.

Physical rehabilitation starts early where a physio therapist will guide the patient to perform specific exercises so as to begin the strengthening of leg muscles and restore movements. This allows walking and other normal daily activities soon after the surgery. As therapy progresses, the therapists will increase the amount of weight bearing on the leg until one is able to walk without assistance.


Hip Replacement Rehabilitation

How Does Sukino Hip Replacement Physio Rehabilitation Help?

At Sukino, we ensure that the continuity of care after a hip replacement surgery is mediated through your primary orthopaedic doctor to our onsite doctors and physiotherapists. This helps us understand the complication better and also help us come up with an appropriate rehab care plan.

Our post hip replacement rehabilitation centres in Bangalore & Kochi are designed and programmed so as to provide patients with all the supportive measures required for faster recovery which are usually difficult to come by at home. This ensures that patients receive optimal care for knee replacement rehabilitation under the expert guidance of doctors, therapists, highly-skilled nursing staff along with a dedicated care giver to assist at all times.

In rehabilitation, after hip replacement surgery, the patients work with physical and occupational therapists who help them get back to their normal life as soon as possible. There is a high chance of infection or relapse if proper precautions are not taken post-surgery. So getting into a rehabilitation facility is highly recommended at least for the first month.

Our in-house expert physiotherapists use advanced methodologies and therapies under the guidance of the patient’s treating orthopaedic doctor and we ensure that patients have strictly adhered to the treatment regimen and the continuity of care is maintained systematically during the stay. We encourage patients to actively participate in their healing programs to expedite the recovery process. Our in-house kitchen facility maintains the diet plan for each patient, under our onsite dietician, as per the recommendations of their respective primary doctors/dieticians. Our nurses and caretakers monitor their diet regimen carefully. We always try to bring the feel, smell and taste of home-cooked food on their plates, but strictly, in compliance with the overall care plan.

Objectives of Sukino’s Hip Replacement Rehabilitation Care

The objective of our hip replacement rehabilitation therapy is to


  • Reduce the pain associated with the surgery
  • Improve the flexibility and agility of the joints
  • Improved locomotive ability
  • Enable accelerated wound healing & prevent infections
  • Manage the anxiety associated with surgery and counsel patients
  • Awareness and education on prevention of future injury


Our rehabilitation care program is aptly personalized for each patient based on their clinical needs and presentation. Our physiotherapists perform the low impact exercises and ensure that patients maintain compliance with the set of exercises recommended by their primary doctor. Our food and beverages team, in collaboration with physician’s/dietitian’s recommendation, ensure that patients are on a healthy diet as prescribed; with a punch of homely food taste. Our friendly & secure environment makes patients feel at home and thus expedites the healing process and facilitates speedy recovery. Most importantly we provide a dedicated caregiver who will always remain with the patient to not only help the patient with their activities of daily living but also provide a good companionship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The recovery from hip replacement with post hip replacement treatment varies in each individual. However, with total hip replacement rehabilitation, a person would, ideally, be able to resume their routine activities within 12 weeks. The rehabilitation plan provided by Sukino, a post hip replacement care center in bangalore and kochi, involve physiotherapy, yogatherapy, proper diet plan, etc. to strengthen the muscles around the hip joint. The care plan demands constant monitoring too to avoid fall, hence experienced team of nurses and caretakers are deployed at the center. Sukino follows an outcome based post hip replacement care with constant supervision of onsite doctors along with other features during this post hip surgery care plan.

The rehab after hip replacement surgery provided by Sukino helps in strengthening the muscles around the hip joint, fastens the wound healing, and prevent relapse of surgery or dislocation of joint.

The rehabilitation plan provided by Sukino involves physiotherapy, yogatherapy, proper diet plan, etc. to strengthen the muscles around the hip joint. Sukino follows an outcome based post hip replacement care with an experienced team of nurses and caretakers. Constant supervision of onsite doctors are also guaranteed during this period.

Besides this, proper awareness and education about the surgery and its aftermath is given to prevent future injuries. This awareness also helps the patients in regaining their confidence. Thus, the combined efforts of rehabilitation and medications help in achieving a faster and effective recovery.