Managed Home Healthcare


Sukino’s home care services are aimed at managing patients at home in the best possible manner so as to enable optimal recovery and return to normal life after discharge from the hospital. Our home care services team has over the years built strong capabilities in post-operative recovery of patients and the management of bed-ridden patients.

What is home healthcare?

Home healthcare is a specialized set of services needed for patients for optimal and seamless recovery from an illness, post operative phase, to managing chronic ailments and sometimes even to manage the activities of daily living. The care needed at home can involve either skilled nursing provided by qualified nurses to general caretaking of a individual’s health by a trained caregiver or healthcare assistant. The range of services varies from medical clinical care, wound care, post surgery care, post surgery of knee and hip replacement care, IV infusion therapy to general well being of patients and managing their overall health.

What is Sukino’s Managed home healthcare?

Sukino’s proprietary continuum of care model for home healthcare consists of not only providing skilled, qualified and trained staffs but also continue the treatment plan of the patient’s primary physician. We undertake to manage the entire end to end needs of the patient care. Our home healthcare operations team is geared to work with the family of the patients and their primary doctors.

Sukino’s managed home healthcare services provides certified, experienced nurses and trained caregivers at the homes of the patient. Our compassionate carers play the role of an extended family member to ensure the overall well-being of the patient. Our training of nurses and caregivers not only comprises of clinical training but also groom them to be more like companions for the patients during the journey to recovery. We hire highly qualified and trained staff and apart from their educational qualification, we also run quality checks on their clinical skills and further train the staff in soft skills to enhance their communication, patient etiquette, ethics, and personal grooming.

Sukino’s central homecare operations team conducts a detailed patient assessment before assigning the staff so that they have the right skills required to manage the patient effectively. We encourage the patient and patient families to collaborate with our central team and the deployed nurse or caregiver to develop further care plans and monitor the care so that all crucial patient requirements are met for the optimal recovery of the patient condition.

  • Managing diagnostics and vitals monitoring
  • Wound Management
  • IM, IV Injections, IV Infusion therapy
  • Physiotherapy sessions
  • Device rentals
  • Medication management
  • Catheterization and catheter care
  • Specialized feeding
  • Bladder wash
  • Bedsore management
  • Diabetic management
  • Administering oxygen and Nebulization
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Portable ventilator and BiPAP/CPAP
  • Transport and assistance for dialysis

Managed home care is aimed at providing patients with healthcare services in the best possible manner at the comfort of their homes. It plays the role of an extended family member by taking ownership of the patient’s overall care. Nurses are dedicated to look after the needs of a bed-ridden or post-operative recovery patient. Managed home care comprises of a central team that assists for crucial patient requirements from scheduling consultations to procuring medical equipment and consumables.

Managed home care services can be opted for the following conditions:

  • Patients in need of post operative care
  • Patients recovering from an illness or an injury
  • Patients who are home-bound as they are bedridden
  • Patients that require skilled care such as ventilator management or specialised feeding
  • Patients that need to be educated about their condition and how to look after themselves effectively

A nurse/caregiver will be deployed at the patient’s home to look after the needs of the patient. The highly skilled team of experienced nurses and caretakers at Sukino are capable of managing a wide variety of patient requirements, including general nursing, wound management & bed sore care, IV infusion therapy, fluid management, administering oxygen & Nebulization, portable ventilator & BiPAP/CPAP management, tracheostomy care & stoma care, specialized feeding (Ryle’s Tube, PEG).

For a more comprehensive care, Sukino’s services comprises of a central team that assists for crucial patient requirements such as scheduling consultations, collecting routine blood samples for diagnostics, procuring medical equipment and consumables and much more.

After meeting the requirements of a patient for managed home care (See answer 2), the patient will be assessed by Sukino’s nursing team prior to staff deployment. This is to ensure that the staff deployed matches the requirements needed to manage the patient. Our team will ensure that the staff deployed has the right language skills and profile to be able to communicate with the patient and become their companion during the journey to recovery.

Sukino’s homecare nurses are trained to handle emergency situations such as choking, sudden irresponsive patient, cardiac arrests, respiratory arrests and other cases that may occur, keeping in mind the patient’s condition.