Post Covid Rehabilitation

Post Covid Rehabilitation Care

We can help you manage post-covid complications such as critical illness polyneuropathy(CIP), Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), Sepsis, multi-organ failure, and cardiac injury. This is crucial for preventing further damage to your organs.Our experienced therapists help you reduce breathlessness, oxygen dependency and anxiety levels within just a month.

How our post-covid rehab helps in SARI management in COVID-19

  • Minimizes the impairing side effects of Post-Covid-19
  • Helps reverse Covid symptoms such as loss of range of motion, fatigue, cognitive loss, incontinence and Dysphagia
  • Reduces oxygen dependency
  • Restores day-to-day functioning
  • Helps you deal with the emotional implications of the disease
  • Aids a faster return to normalcy
  • Reduces risk of re-admission

Our Assurance

  • 24/7 Consultants (MD, MBBS)
  • 24/7 ICU Trained Nurses.
  • Cardio-pulmonary therapists, Respiratory Therapists, Clinical Psychologists, Music, Yoga Therapists and Dietitian.
  • Dedicated 24/7 experienced bed-side-caregivers (male and female)
  • The best individual outcome-based post-covid rehab care plan.
  • Well-appointed individual rooms with all modern amenities.
  • Highly efficient online patient-monitoring system.
  • Supervised and secured homely set-up.

Our Holistic approach

  • Initial assessment of Post-COVID patients with COVID negative report at our care facility or at the patient’s home.
  • Identification of the severity of the condition and comorbidities.
  • Identification of the severity of the condition and comorbidities.
  • A detailed assessment by doctors and therapists.
  • Creation of a personalized goal-oriented treatment plan.
  • Careful monitoring and weekly assessments.
  • Review and modification of the care plan.

Our comprehensive Post Covid Care by our multidisciplinary team

Our Cardiopulmonary physiotherapists

  • Increase exercise tolerance and reduce oxygen dependency
  • Diaphragmatic breathing and costal expansion training.
  • Enhance blood circulation, and oxygen levels.
  • Aid in oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange and improve lung capacity.
  • Help in chest clearance and prevent further accumulation of lung secretions
  • Strength and endurance training of respiratory muscles
  • Diaphragmatic breathing and costal expansion training
  • Managing Dyspnea to ease down breathing
  • Assistance in CPAP / BiPAP management

Our occupational therapists

  • Correct body positioning to reduce breathlessness.
  • Teach periodic breathing in between tasks.
  • Rearrange the environment to conserve energy.
  • Break-up tasks to conserve energy.
  • Modify day to day activities.
  • Teach patients techniques for improving endurance and stamina.

Our speech and swallow therapists

  • Aid respiratory swallowing coordination.
  • Enhance voice quality.
  • Facilitate respiratory support for improved speech.

Our yoga therapists

  • Teach relaxation techniques to relieve pulmonary distress through Yogic breathing (Viniyoga).
  • Covid breathing exercises to help correct dysfunctional breathing patterns.

Our clinical psychologists

  • Understand concerns & anxieties.
  • Clarify doubts.
  • Help to face the psychosocial challenges.
  • Help develop better coping skills(esp during isolation).
  • Assist with cognitive behaviour therapy.

Our in-house experienced dieticians

Assess the patients’ nutritional status, refer to medical reports, consult family, take into account patient preferences, and formulate a personalized moderate protein diet rich in zinc and iron that boosts immunity.

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