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Consultants- (MD, MBBS) with experience across Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Pain and Palliative Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, super specialists on call-Neurologists, Cardiologists, Physiatrists ENT, Orthopaedics.


Nurses with ICU experience and following capabilities

Tracheostomy Care
Tracheostomy care
Ryle Tube
Ryles tube insertion and feeding
PEG feed
PEG feeding and care
Urinary catheterization
Urinary catheterisation
CPR technique
CPR Handling medical emergencies
Cardiac Monitor Vitals
Monitoring vitals
Diabetes monitoring
Diabetes monitoring
IV cannulation
TPN IV cannulation and infusions
Wound Dressing
Wound dressing
ECG vitals
ECG Administration of medications
Pressure points care
Care of pressure points
Stoma care
Stoma care

Our Clinical Experts

Dr. Aftab Ahmed

Dr.Aftab Ahmed

Sr. Medical Consultant

Dr. Harish N Jayavel

Dr.Harish N Jayavel

Center Clinical Head – Koramangala

Dr. Sibi Chennapan

Dr.Sibi Chennapan

Center Clinical Head – Whitefield

Dr. Sandeep Radhakrishnan

Dr.Sandeep Radhakrishnan

Center Clinical Head – Kochi

Dr. J Karthik

Dr.J Karthik

Head of Therapy

Dr. Roopa Unnikrishnan

Dr.Roopa Unnikrishnan

Therapy Department in Charge – HSR

Dr. Divya Das

Dr.Divya Das

Therapy department Charge – Kochi

Dr. Nithin Krishna K

Dr.Nithin Krishna K

Therapy Department in Charge – Koramangala

Dr. D Mahammed Zikriya

Dr.D Mahammed Zikriya

Therapy Department in Charge – Bommanahalli

Therapy Team

Our Therapy Team

Masters in Physical therapy with the elective in Neurology, Orthopedics, Cardiopulmonary, Occupational therapist, (Neuro), Speech and Language Pathologist, Clinical Psychologist, Neuro Music therapist,Yoga therapist, and Registered clinical dieticians

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