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Sukino’s Orthopedic Rehabilitation Department provides the most advanced post-surgery rehab & nursing care at its residential rehabilitation care centers.

Our physical therapy and rehabilitation experts at both the use the most advanced methodology and therapies to help you regain your strength, and restore the best life that you deserve through our outcome-based agility & movement therapy. lock.



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  • Cancer Care Plan
  • SVG


Ortho-Care - Sukino

Our Orthopedic Rehab Care Plans are tailor made for the following conditions:

Joint Replacement Surgeries (knee replacement or hip replacement), Arthroscopy , Fractures (thigh fracture, shin fracture, hand fracture, ankle fracture, wrist fracture, elbow fracture), Ligament Tears, Lower back Pain/Surgery, post amputation, limb reconstruction (hand reconstruction or leg reconstruction), multiple trauma, etc. Sukino’s ortho rehab care plans are aimed at managing post-surgery patients in the best possible manner so as to enable optimal recovery and enable a speedy to return to normal life after discharge from the hospital. Modalities include pain management and medication, strength exercises to improve mobility and endurance, counseling, etc.

Our Services:

  • Doctor Supervised Care
  • 24/7 Nursing Care
  • Homely Environment
  • Well Appointed Rooms
  • 24/7 Personal Care Assistant (1:1 Care)
  • Personalized Physiotherapy
  • Medication Plan
  • Personalized Recovery Diet
  • Measurable Outcome


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