Recover comfortably at home with our dedicated nursing services



Sukino’s nursing services go beyond providing certified and experienced nurses at the residence of the patient. We believe in playing the role of an extended family member and ensure the overall well-being of the patient. Hence we groom our nurses to be more like companions during the journey to recovery.

We hire highly qualified staff with one year of experience to join as a fresher and a minimum of 5 to 10 years to join as a senior. Apart from their qualification, we run quality checks on their clinical skills and further train the staff in soft skills to enhance their communication, patient etiquette, ethics, and personal grooming.



Our unique approach

Our central team conducts a detailed patient assessment at home.
A nurse with the right skills required to manage the patient is assigned.
There is constant collaboration with the deployed nurse for optimal recovery.
Nursing Services - Sukino

Our customized range of services for your convenience

Visit based Nursing Services

24/7 Nursing Services

Include need based visits from our nurses that offer complete care and attention to the patient to stabilize their recovery process and relieve you from travelling to the hospital for basic medication and procedures.

Include services from nurses with a broad range of skill-sets and a deep knowledge to assess, track and maintain the overall treatment as well as the progress of the patient. And handle emergencies round the clock

The skill set

Our nursing services start from basic services like administering injections, wound management to setting up a fully functional ICU at home.

Critical Care

Tracheostomy Care & Stoma Care
Ryles tube insertion and Feeding
TPN IV cannulation and infusions
PEG feeding and care
CPR Handling medical emergencies
Urinary catheterisation
Bladder wash
Administering oxygen and Nebulization
Portable ventilator and BiPAC/CPAP care

General Nursing Care

Monitoring vitals.
Diabetes monitoring.
Wound dressing.
Administration of medications.
Care of pressure points.
Bedsore management.
Elder care.
Emotion support.

What Our Patrons Have to Say

Sukino is an excellent facility. My father was initially admitted at the facility to help with his gait-related issues (related to Parkinson’s.) He made such enormous progress there because of the diet and physiotherapy. Later, when he fell and injured himself badly, he was readmitted to the facility. We were very worried about bed sores and all the bad things that go with being bedridden. But the care at Sukino was excellent. They were very kind, considerate and professional at all times. We will always be grateful to the staff at Sukino.

Rajeev Khurana

Sep 24, 2021

About US

We know the pain people experience while grappling with a chronic illness and our goal is to alleviate that pain. We are Sukino, India’s first continuum care provider.

We have sensed an intrinsic need for bridging the gap between post-hospital discharge and optimal recovery for patients especially those in need of transitory care. Our team has worked ceaselessly towards formulating a comprehensive healthcare module that offers the finest quality continuum of care services using a combination of clinical expertise, skilled manpower, and advanced technology

4.8 Client Satisfaction
4.8 Client Satisfaction