palliative care in bangalore


Recovery from an illness or surgery is very crucial and multi-dimensional. Post hospital stay, one needs to have the right mix of care and supervision to ensure speedy recovery. Along with proper medical care, mental and emotional rejuvenation is equally important. Transitional care offers the best of healthcare in perfectly safe and secure surroundings.

Transitional care offers post care rehabilitation for people who have undergone treatment for cardiology, oncology, nephrology, neurology and ortho by well-trained, experienced and compassionate staff round the clock.
Our services are designed to address specific needs of individuals and families.
  • Assisted Living with supervision 24*7 and 365 days a year
  • Post Hospitalization Rehabilitation
  • Elder care for those with health conditions and need looking after
  • Special Diets & Meals
  • Full time recreation and rejuvenation packages
  • Memory care (Special care for Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients)

Rehabilitation Programs


Post-operative care for knee/ joint replacements.


Distinct form of long-term skilled nursing specifically catering to patients with Alzheimer's, Dementia and other types of memory problems.


Care for patients who have completed chemotherapy and require a high nutrition diet, counselling & self-motivation.


Designed to improve everyday life of people suffering from chronic kidney diseases.
Physiotherapy and exercises for patients with nephro disorders.


Specific program comprising of exercise, education and counselling designed to help one recover after a cardiac arrest or other cardiac conditions.

Our Services Include:

  • Complete Daily Diet
  • 24/7 Nursing
  • Doctor on Call
  • Ambulance on Standby
  • Physiotherapy
  • Comprehensive Rehab
  • Meditation & Yoga
  • Unlimited Laundry
  • Weekly Entertainment
For relaxation, there are services like hydro therapy, yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic spa.
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