Slow down your Parkinson’s

Our comprehensive Parkinson’s rehabilitation offers you the utmost care and stability

Being India’s first comprehensive continuum care provider we understand that as a Parkinson’s patient, you may be experiencing multiple symptoms. And hence we want to extend our unparalleled Parkinson’s care to you for improving the quality of your life.

Our 24 hours Parkinson’s care service can help you make remarkable progress. This includes your functional capacity, tremors, balance & gait issues, slowed movement, speech and sensory disruptions, sleep-wake cycles, cognitive issues and anxiety levels. All this within a short span of rehabilitation at our Continuum Care centers in Bangalore and Kochi

How Our Comprehensive Parkinson’s Rehabilitation Helps

  • Maintains and improves levels of functioning and independence.
  • Enhances mobility through exercise and movement strategies.
  • Corrects movement patterns and posture.
  • Maximizes muscle strength and joint flexibility.
  • Aids in balance, and gait to minimize risks of falls.
  • Helps in maintaining a healthy breathing pattern.
  • Reduces anxiety and manages depression..
  • Enhances the effects of drug therapy.

Our Assurance

  • Onsite Doctors(24/7 Consultants (MD, MBBS))
  • Onsite Nurses(24/7 ICU Trained Nurses)
  • Expert Therapists(Cardio-pulmonary therapists,Respiratory Therapists, Clinical Psychologists, Music, Yoga Therapists and Dietitians)
  • Trained Caregivers(Dedicated 24/7 experienced bed-side-caregivers (male and female))
  • Personalised Care(The best individual outcome-based post-covid rehab care plan)
  • Private Rooms(Well-appointed individual rooms with all modern amenities)
  • Cutting-edge technology(Highly efficient online patient-monitoring system)
  • Homely Environment(Supervised and secured homely set-up)

Our Holistic Approach

  • A detailed assessment by our entire team consisting of doctors, therapists, nurses, psychologists, and dietitians.
  • Identification of the severity of the condition and comorbidities..
  • Creation of a personalized goal-oriented treatment plan.
  • Careful monitoring and weekly assessments.
  • Review and modification of the care plan.
  • A post-discharge care plan to maintain uninterrupted care.
  • Our in-house experienced dietitians assess your nutritional status, refer to medical reports, consult family, take into account your preferences, and formulate a personalized high-protein, high-calorie diet plan to help you cope with low appetite, digestion problems, and weakness due to radiation therapy.
  • We offer psychosocial education that keeps you motivated, reduces your anxiety levels, and helps you cope with your situation.
  • With our supportive therapies, we assess your symptoms/condition thoroughly and include yoga or music sessions to address your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs decreasing stress and improving self-esteem.


Excellent Services offered by Sukino Management. The tope leadership takes personal interest in ensuring ‘Customer Delight’ when it comes to healthcare services to the clients. Their staff is well trained and well supported to perform their duties in all exigencies. My experience with Sukino for caregiver services to my father has been the best. I have not experienced the same level of commitment and engagement with any other service provider during the last 7 years. I miss their services after relocating from Bangalore to Hyderabad.

Rajeev Khurana

Sep 24, 2021

Comprehensive Parkinson’s Care by our multidisciplinary team

  • Physiotherapy for enhancing gross motor activities, improving overall strength, endurance, increase balance, and treating gait abnormalities. We use tilt tables to stabilize orthostatic hypotension, parallel bars to stabilize walking, virtual reality for balance — static and dynamic.
  • Occupational therapy to improve fine motor movements, teach bed mobility & ADL activities, bracing, and splinting.
  • Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP) provide therapy for communication disorders, auditory processing, training for cognition and social communication, and play a major role in teaching swallowing techniques.
  • Dietary Intervention : Our in-house experienced dietitian assesses the nutritional status, refers to medical reports, consults family, takes into account your preferences, and formulates a specialized, personal diet plan for you.
  • Counseling : We offer psychosocial education that keeps you motivated, reduces your anxiety levels, and helps you cope with your situation.
  • Supportive therapies : We assess your symptoms/condition thoroughly and include yoga or music sessions to address your physical, emotional & spiritual needs decreasing stress, and improving self-esteem.

Our Cutting-edge Technology

  • A highly efficient online system that continuously monitors patients requiring critical care .
  • Robotics for physical and occupational therapies.
  • AI simulators for cognitive therapy.

About Us

We know the pain people experience while grappling with a chronic illness and our goal is to alleviate that pain. We are Sukino, India’s first continuum care provider.

We have sensed an intrinsic need for bridging the gap between post-hospital discharge and optimal recovery for patients especially those in need of transitory care. Our team has worked ceaselessly towards formulating a comprehensive healthcare module that offers the finest quality continuum of care services using a combination of clinical expertise, skilled manpower, and advanced technology.