Knee Replacement Rehabilitation Center


Knee Replacement  Rehabilitation in Bangalore & Kochi

Sukino’s post-surgery rehab team of experts provides personalized care for post knee replacement patients to achieve higher mobility and flexibility. Both the centers in Kochi and Bangalore are equipped with experienced physio team and nursing assistants to facilitate optimal recovery surroundings.


At Sukino, we ensure that the continuity of care after a partial or total knee replacement surgery is mediated through your primary orthopaedic doctor to our onsite doctors and physiotherapists. This helps us understand the complication better and also help us come up with an appropriate rehab care plan.

Knee Replacement - Sukino

Our knee rehabilitation centres in Bangalore & Kochi are designed and programmed so as to provide patients with all the supportive measures required for faster recovery which are usually difficult to come by at home. This ensures that patients receive optimal care for knee replacement rehabilitation under the expert guidance of doctors and highly-skilled nursing staff.

The objective of our knee replacement rehabilitation therapy is to

Knee Replacement Rehab - Sukino
  • Reduce the pain associated with the surgery
  • Improve the flexibility and agility of the joints
  • Improved locomotive ability
  • Enable accelerated wound healing & prevent infections
  • Manage the anxiety associated with surgery and counsel patients
  • Awareness and education on prevention of future injury

Our rehabilitation care program is aptly personalized for each patient based on their clinical needs and presentation. Our physiotherapists perform the low impact exercises and ensure that patients maintain compliance with the set of exercises recommended by their primary doctor. Our food and beverages team, in collaboration with physician’s/dietitian’s recommendation, ensure that patients are on a healthy diet as prescribed; with a punch of homely food taste. Our friendly & secure environment makes patients feel at home and thus expedites the healing process and facilitates speedy recovery.



Sometimes, yes. The idea of knee replacement rehabilitation is to reduce the pain after the surgery. Post knee replacement treatment helps in improving the flexibility and agility of the joints. This post knee surgery care also helps to make the wound-healing faster and it also prevents infection. Sukino is a post knee replacement care center in bangalore with various services including post knee operation care and post knee replacement physio. The rehabilitation associated with the post knee replacement care also helps in generating awareness about everything you need to know about knee replacement surgery, thus helping in reducing the anxiety associated with it. Although knee replacement rehabilitation can be painful for the first few days, with expert guidance of doctors and staff, the patients will be able to achieve a virtually painless faster recovery. In short, Sukino, with its efficient caretaking, guarantees a faster recovery with minimum pain and difficulty.
Without total knee replacement rehabilitation, there are high chances of pain coming back. Sukino ensures continuity in care after a partial or total knee replacement surgery. With the proper rehabilitation, faster recovery is guaranteed. The rehabilitation is compulsory to gain flexibility and agility in the joints and to reduce the pain associated with the surgery.