Covid-19 Pandemic and Our Preventive Measures

Message from the Team Sukino

Dear Patrons,

This is with reference to the current wave of pandemic we are witnessing across India. As you are aware, we, at Sukino, have taken the utmost precaution to ensure your family member is safe with us.

We at Sukino, have isolated and in some cases completely quarantined our own staff and certain fam members when we observe the slightest amount of symptoms. You will be happy to know that all that who were randomly tested were negative.
The reason why we are sending this message is because the pandemic is raising unabated with no boundaries in place. From the medical fraternity, and from the govt. sources, there is a possibility that Virus can spread despite adherence to covid appropriate behaviours.

We wish to inform you that although we take stringent measures to ensure our safety, there is still a possibility of covid affecting anyone of us under the present circumstances.
Should you have any queries you can reach out to Dr. Aftab Ahmed at 9108512763 or Dr. Harish Jeyavel at 6366004400 or mail to Rajinish Menon at Please contact Dr. Sandeep Radhakrishnan at 9606473616 for Kochi.

We pray that the pandemic gets over and we are safe all over again.

Be safe and take care!
Team Sukino

COVID-19: Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control at Sukino

Message from the Operations & Management

Dear Patrons,

We are severely restricting visitors at our centres both in Bangalore and Kochi and allowing only urgent visits. In case you want to contact and see your loved ones, we encourage you to have video call and the same will be arranged here. WhatsApp video call will be the medium and the same would be facilitated by nursing incharge.

Your coordination and understanding is highly appreciated.
With Regards,
Operations & Management, Sukino

Dear Patrons,

The Corona Virus is here for real, but is it Here to stay? is a pertinent question that only time can answer. The situation we face in our state is unfortunate and quite alarming. This is a pandemic that can cause harm to anyone if adequate precautions are not taken. At Sukino, we are geared up and upto date with the proactive measures suggested by various regulatory bodies and the Governments.

We at Sukino, take the advise of the Govts seriously so that your family members staying with us is/are safe.

What have we done so far?

  • Our 24/7 nursing staff, at both Kochi and Bangalore centers, have been trained and certified on covid-19 pandemic management.
  • We have severely restricted entry of visitors to the premise. This includes vendors, visitors of patient families etc..
  • Should anyone be allowed for any reason they will be asked to use sanitizers and stay at a distance of a minimum 3 ft from others.
    For more info on the guideline of social distancing from
  • All employees are advised to record their temperatures morning and evening and any variation is always double checked
  • Should there be any one amongst clients (patient, family members and visitors) showing any flu signs ( even if remote signs) we shall be taking steps and in some cases we will intimate the authorities for further guidance. As you know only selected institutes can test and validate the sickness related to Corona Virus.

    Note: We will not be taking your mandatory pre permission as we do for other cases. Because safety comes first for us.
    We hope you will appreciate our efforts and help us and your family members recuperate the best way.Thank you for you kind patronage.
    With Regards,
    Operations & Management, Sukino

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