• post-hospitalization rehabilitation center


Health Management is serious business, especially when dealing with chronic health conditions that need long term care. Along with managing the condition itself, one has to deal with regular healthcare interventions, family counselling, home healthcare needs, logistical arrangements, etc.

Sukino Healthcare solutions, established by a set of passionate professionals has a simple solution. Sukino empowers individuals to manage their health conditions, prevent complications and lead healthy lives by partnering with leading health care providers and Support care services. We will help you do whatever it takes to enable easy and efficient recovery.


Sukino is inspired from the mantra ‘Om Loka Samastah Sukino Bhavantu’, that seeks happiness, peace and freedom from suffering. At Sukino Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we understand the healthcare needs of people in different scenarios. We believe that life is the most precious gift and nothing should hinder its abundance and joy. Old age or illness is no exception. But these can be very tiring at times and our aim is to be there for you. Being a helping hand to care, protect and nurture you or your loved ones as our own and help bring back smiles, delights us.

Our vision is to provide continuum care for patients who suffer from chronic ailments. Building partnerships with top hospitals ensures that we can provide the patients with access to high quality healthcare and recovery options. We are also able to provide high quality care at home with the basket of services that we have. Our offerings include the entire gamut of services needed to enable a speedy and well planned recovery or health management schedule. From our specialised healthcare services, our ancillary care, palliative care to our transitional care, one can always count on us.


  • I am extremely grateful to the staff of Sukino for being there at a time when anything could have happened to me if I had not received timely treatment. They took care of me as my own family would and I am very relieved to have them around

    - Mr. Narayan Rao
  • Sukino team has been my walking stick and a constant support to help me get back on my feet.

    - Mr. Bhargava
  • Sukino delivers. Their staff is very knowledgeable and well geared to handle medical procedures at home

    - Mr. Umakanth
post-hospitalization rehabilitation center